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Live Streaming: We at Gods Grace Technologies are providing Live Streaming and Broadcasting Live Events for our clients all over the world. If you are interested to make your events live then we provide our support to make it done at reasonable prices. We are providing the best service with 100% quality and 0% down time using YouTube Servers. As every body know that there is no down time for YouTube. No body will miss your event and every body can watch your event lively and they can feel real time experience while they are watching your live event. We are charging very reasonable price for the services we are providing when we are comparing with any other Live Stream service providers. We are proud to say that we are able to provide Live Streaming Services with 100% quality.

Corporate Events: IT or any Corporate people can stream their events live to watch other branches of their company. So every body can make their events live as they enjoy as well as other teams or viewers can enjoy too by watching their events. Once we make any event live, then any body can watch it any time from any where. Also we can restrict if you want to limit any state, country or region base locations. We can delete the event from server if you don't want to store it or if any issues from other viewers.

Christian Organizations: Christian Organizations can make thier Sunday worship live if any one wanted to attend from any other state or country. Any event that you are going to conduct in public or church or auditorium, you can make it live for all of your church members. Some of the Christians don't want to miss their Pastor or Preacher's messages on special occassions or special events, so we can broadcast these events to make it available for all of their old church members or the people who are moving to other locations due to their jobs. Most of the people are moving around the country or states depends upon their jobs. So these people can watch the messages without missing.

Marriage Events: Most of the Indian people are coming back to IOndia to married once they get good match. But their friends are missing their marriage due to two different countries or some VISA problems. Some of their friends may be live in any other countries. If we feel that no body wanted to miss the wedding ocassion, we can make it live and broadcast the marriage on internet. So that all of their firends can watch the marriage event lively and they can enjoy.

Live Video Streaming Vizag