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PHP MySQL Online Training India

PHP cake PHP tools Training

Introduction to Design pattern

Implementation of DAO Design Pattern


Understanding of MVC architecture

  • What is CakePhp 2.x Framework
  • Cakephp 2.x architecture and its naming convention.

Understanding Controller

  • Request & Response Parameter
  • Controller Action
  • Request Life Cycle callbacks
  • Controller method
  • Redirection
  • Working with component

Understanding Model

  • Creating Model for Database Table
  • Retrieving Data Using Model
  • Method for all Basic CURD(Create ,Read, Update, Delete)
  • Create own Model method
  • Making custom SQL Queries
  • Data Validation

Understanding ORM(Object Relational Mapping)

  • Working with Simple association
  • one-to-one
  • one-to-many
  • many-to-many


  • Working with layout
  • Create custom Layout
  • Working with Helper class
  • Creating and using user define Helper
  • Working with element


  • Introduction to Joomla
  • Site-wide settings and user management
  • Setting up and organizing menus and navigation
  • Managing content articles
  • Working with Joomla components
  • Using Joomla modules and plugins
  • Choosing and configuring Joomla templates
  • How to manage Joomla websites professionally and securely


  • Introduction Of Smarty
  • Smarty Plugin
  • Software Using Smarty CMS
  • Smarty Implementation
  • Smarty Example

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